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Tax Preparation Checklist

This tax season as you prepare your tax information, please be sure to go through and share with me all the information below. This information will allow us to make your tax preparation seamless and ensure returns are prepared accurately.

GENERAL INFORMATION:   tax preparation checklist

□ First, middle initial, and last names of taxpayers and dependents as written on the Social Security cards, and dates of birth for taxpayers and all dependents, especially new dependents.

□ Address (city, state, ZIP), telephone number and e-mail address.

□ Marital Status:  Single ___ Married ___ Head of Household ___ Separated ___

□ Did you get married to a same-sex spouse in a state that legally recognizes same-sex marriage?

□ Number of Dependents: ___ Did any dependents have any income? Yes ___ No ___

□ Do all dependents live with you? Yes ___ No ___


□ Wages: All Forms W-2                              □ Income from Rentals: All 1099-MISC

□ Pensions/Retirements: 1099-R               □ Business Income: All 1099-MISC & 1099-K

□ Social Security: SSA-1099                         □ Farm Income

□ Bank Interest: 1099-INT                           □ Alimony Received: Total amount

□ Dividends: 1099-DIV                                 □ Unemployment: 1099-G

□ Commissions: 1099-MISC                         □ State Tax Refund: 1099-G

□ Tips and Gratuities                                                □ Miscellaneous: Jury Duty, Gambling, Other

□ Sales of Stock, Mutual Funds: 1099-B

Foreign Income Matters:

Did you receive a distribution from, or were you a grantor or transferor for a foreign trust?

Did you have a financial interest in or signature authority over a financial account located in a foreign country?

Did you have any foreign financial accounts, foreign financial assets, or hold interest in a foreign entity?

 BUSINESS INCOME & EXPENSE ITEMS:  This list is not all encompassing.  If you don’t see an expense listed below, ask.

Total (Gross) Income                       Advertising                            Auto:  Parking &Tolls

Business Phone Expense                 Cell Phone Expense              Subcontractors

Commissions Paid                             Insurance                               Interest Paid

General Office Expense                    Rent/Lease Fees Paid           Legal or Professional Fees

Repairs                                               Cleaning/Maintenance         Dues & Publications

Equipment/Supplies                         Tools                                      License Fees/Taxes Paid

Utilities                                               Education Expense               Association Dues

Bank/Credit Card Fees                     Postage                                   Meals/Entertainment

Business Miles & Total Miles (A Mileage log is required)                        Hotel/Travel Expense

Asset Purchases (Date, amount and item)


Keys                                                    Condo/PUD Fees                  Management Fees

Mortgage Statements                        Yard Work                             Termite Treatment Expense

Utilities                                               Mileage/Travel                      Other


Self-employed Health Insurance     IRAs /Keogh/SEPs                Retirement Saver’s Credit

Medical Savings Account                  Teacher Expenses                 Adoption Expenses

Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings                                        Moving Expenses

American Opportunity/Lifetime Learning/Student Loan Interest/Education Expenses

* Total Alimony Paid:  Must have name and Social Security number of recipient, and amount paid.

* Child Care/Day Care Credit:  Must have name, address, Social Security number or EIN of               provider, and amount paid per child.


Date of payment and amount paid for each Federal and State quarterly tax estimate.


Did you have qualifying health care coverage (employer group plan coverage or government-sponsored coverage) for every month of 2014 for you, your spouse and all members of your family as claimed on your tax return?

Did you or anyone in your family qualify for an exemption from the health care coverage mandate?

Did you acquire health care coverage through the Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act?  If yes, provide Form(s) 1095-A.

Did you make any contributions to or receive distributions from a Health Savings Account, Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage MSA?



Medical & Dental bills                                   Prescriptions                         Glasses/Contact Lenses

Out-of-pocket expenses                                Medical miles                         Lab fees

Hearing Aids                                                  Medical/dental/long term care insurance


Prior year state tax paid                              City/local tax                         Real estate tax

Personal property tax                                  Other


Church                                                            Boy/Girl Scouts                     United Way/CFC

March of Dimes                                             American Heart                     Easter Seals

Red Cross                                                       MDA/MS                                YWCA/YMCA

Salvation Army                                              FoodBank                              Payroll deductions

Out-of-pocket Volunteer Expenses             Charitable miles                    Other

For donations, please provide evidence such as a receipt from the done organization, a canceled check, or record of payment to substantiate all contributions made.  An itemized listing of all non-cash donations must be maintained with the receipts.  List must include the Fair Market Value for each donation of non-cash items.

Identity Theft:

Did you receive an Identity Protection PIN from the Internal Revenue Service or have you been a victim of identity theft?  If so, please provide the IRS letter.