Palm Beach Tax Group, Inc

Established in Palm Beach in 1970.

NACATP Founding Member
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With over 50 years of experience, we specialize in a proactive approach to tax and financial planning for businesses and families.

We have a team of Enrolled Agents and Trusted Alliances that take pride in providing outstanding customer service and satisfied results.

Our tax and financial planning philosophy originates from listening to our client’s unique concerns and wishes.

Using custom and core tax planning strategies with exclusive planning products, our tax and financial plans provide protection for you to have the confidence to maintain the lifestyle you deserve now and into retirement.

Feel confident with a team of Enrolled Agents and Financial Planning Specialists who will communicate solutions and strategies to help minimize your taxes and increase your assets.

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**When We Build You a Proactive Tax Plan, We Guarantee to Save you 2x Our Fee.**


Save Paper

Every year, millions of trees worth of paper is wastefully discarded. Printing has its place, but there are also many financial and environmental advantages to going paperless.

Save Money

Competitive prices mean you have more money left over to spend on your family or invest in your business.

Save Time

Why spend your time reinventing the wheel when you have many years of expertise readily available to take something off your plate? Tax laws are always changing and you have other things to do.

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